About us

Who we are Iran is an important and powerful source in the Middle East and West Asia, where the industry and trade in Iran now offer products and goods of high quality and acceptable prices and also provide after-sales services. Also it evolved technological industries in Iran and is ready to contribute to the cooperation with foreign companies and other in the same work and improve the commercial market. The commercial export specialized center and an experienced commercial and industrial market and to provide the best products, goods, industries, crafts and services to you. Our company is proud to meet the requests of all factories in Iran to where you want it and take it upon themselves to our quality of products and goods and accuracy with guarantees aftermarket. Our target : - Facilitate trade exchange between the manufacturers and the customer process. - Accepting customers requests and requirements from the Iranian market. - Facilitate the process of legal procedures and customs. - Guarantee the rights between of both manufacturers-traders and customers and merchants.